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Q: What is Invoice & Pay?
A: Invoice & Pay is a website that you can use to securely view and pay your bill online.


Q: Does it cost anything to enroll in Invoice & Pay?
A: No. It is free to sign up for Invoice & Pay.


Q: How do I create a new Invoice & Pay account?
A: From the Invoice & Pay home page, click on the “Enroll” button. This will take you to the Enrollment page, where you will be asked to provide basic contact information, choose your security settings, and to enter the basic financial information that you will use to pay your bill. When you have completed the enrollment process, an activation e‑mail will be sent to you. Once your account has been activated, you can login and start managing your account online.


Q: Can I make a payment without enrolling in Invoice & Pay?
A: Invoice & Pay’ “Pay Now” option allows you to make a payment without formally enrolling in Invoice & Pay. This might be useful if you need to make a one-time payment.


You can also make an un-enrolled payment over the phone, by speaking with a Customer Service Representative.


Q: What methods of payment are offered by Invoice & Pay?
A: Invoice & Pay allows you to pay through your checking or savings account.


Q: What payment channels does Invoice & Pay offer?
A: Invoice & Pay allows you to pay your bill at the Invoice & Pay website or by speaking with a Customer Service Representative.


Q: How do I pay a bill from the Invoice & Pay website?
A: It’s easy to a pay a bill from the Invoice & Pay website, using the financial account information you provided on the enrollment page.


To make a payment from the Invoice & Pay website, you:


1.) Begin by logging in to Invoice & Pay


2.) From the Main Menu, click on the “Pay My Bills” link.


3.) On the “Pay My Bills” screen, you will see only the latest bill loaded. (If you would like to see past bills that were paid, uncheck “Hide Bills Paid in Full On This Side”.) You will also see any payments that you made toward these bills through Invoice & Pay.


•You can determine which of the bills you want presented to you by using the search criteria at the top of the page.


4.) You can select a bill to pay by clicking the “Pay” button of an unpaid bill. In the Payment box, enter the amount that you would like to pay then click the “Continue” button.


5.) The Verify Payment screen includes a posting timeframe that lets you know when your bill will be paid. Once you have verified the amount you wish to pay, check that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then click the “Pay” button.


6.) You will now see the Payment Confirmation screen, which provides you with a confirmation number. After confirming that all of the information is correct and you are ready to pay your bill, click “Finish”. A confirmation e‑mail will be sent to you.


Q: Does Invoice & Pay offer automatic bill payment?
A: Yes, if you choose to setup a recurring payment, Invoice & Pay can make automatic deductions from your financial account.


Q: How do I setup an automatic payment via Invoice & Pay?
A: When you login to Invoice & Pay, you can setup a recurring payment by clicking on “Add or Delete a Recurring Payment” option on the Main Menu. Next, you create a name for your recurring payment, outline when you want the payment to be made, indicate that you authorize the payment to be made on an ongoing basis by checking the box next to the, “I Agree”, statement, and submit your recurring payment by selecting the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. You will know that your recurring payment has been successfully updated when a message appears on your screen that states, “Recurring Payment updated successfully”. Your payment will be automatically deducted from the financial account you listed on the Enrollment page, at the times you specify.


Q: How do I make changes to an automatic payment that I have already setup?
A: You cannot make changes to an already-existing, recurring payment. If you need to make changes, you will need to delete the recurring payment and add a new one.


Q: How do I stop an automatic payment?
A: To remove an already-existing, recurring payment, you must login to Invoice & Pay, and clicking on the “Add or Delete a Recurring Payment” option on the Main Menu. On the “Add or Delete a Recurring Payment” screen, indicate that you authorize the deletion by checking the box next to “I Agree”, then click on “Delete”.


Q: Will my Invoice & Pay bill look different than my paper bill?
A: Invoice & Pay attempts to match the appearance of the paper bill you typically received. You should find that the bill you view online via Invoice & Pay is very easy to read and comprehend.


Q: Will I be able to view bills from previous months?
A: Yes. Your previous bills will be available for you to view and track via Invoice & Pay, allowing you to track your past payments, and to compare your current bill to your previous bills.


Q: How do I update my Invoice & Pay contact and financial account information?
A: In order to update your profile, login to Invoice & Pay and click on “Change My Account Profile”. Your profile will appear, and you can make any necessary changes to it. Once you are finished, and you save your profile, you will be notified via e-mail that changes have been made to your account profile.


Q: How do I update my Invoice & Pay password?
A: In order to update your profile, login to Invoice & Pay and click on “Change My Password”. You will need to correctly answer two of the five security questions that you answered at your initial enrollment. The two questions that you are asked to answer will be randomly selected by the Invoice & Pay system. Click on “Continue”. Enter your old password and your new password twice. Click on “Change Password”. A “Password Successfully Changed” message will appear on your screen, notifying you that your password has been successfully changed.


Q: Is my information secure?
A: Yes. Each Invoice & Pay transaction is conducted over secure servers and all sensitive data, including your financial account information, is encrypted. Your complete financial account information will never be displayed on screen.


Q: Can I pay my bill from any computer?
A: You can pay your bill from any computer with access to the Internet.


Q: How will I know if a payment made through Invoice & Pay has been successfully processed?
A: Once you have successfully completed a transaction via Invoice & Pay, you will receive an e-mail from Invoice & Pay, informing you that your payment is being processed, when it is expected to be deducted from your financial account, and when it is expected to be posted to your bill. The e-mail will also give you a Transaction ID number, which you can use to track your payment, step-by-step on the Invoice & Pay website.


Q: How can I track the status of my Invoice & Pay transaction?
A: The Payment Status report provides you with valuable information about your bill and payment, such as: when a bill was loaded into the Invoice & Pay system, when you were notified that it was available to be viewed, when you made a payment, how you made a payment, when it was processed, and finally, when the bill was paid.


To track the status of a payment, you must first login to Invoice & Pay. From the Main Menu, you can view the payment status of a bill by:


1.) Click on the “Payment Status” link on the Main Menu, and then click on a Transaction ID number in the “Transaction ID” column. This will pull up the Payment Status screen for the transaction you selected.


Q: How do I un-enroll from Invoice & Pay?
A: To un-enroll, you must first login to Invoice & Pay, then select the “Un-Enroll” link on the Main Menu. You will see your login name, and a blank field that requests information about your account from you. Enter the requested information, click the “Un-Enroll” button, and a message will appear, confirming that you have un-enrolled from Invoice & Pay.